Autistic. Writer. Poet. Artist. Activist. Disabled.

Any link mentioned in my Instagram will be listed on this site, along with at least 1 image from that post to help you locate it as easily as possible. Age of links on each page generally goes from oldest (top of page) to newest (bottom of page).


The link will be on the year-page related to the date posted on Instagram. For example, I plan to share links to my singing, and many of my favorite recordings are from before 2019. So, to help you find corresponding links for that, or anything else, start with knowing the date of the corresponding post from Instagram. If I post in 2019 about singing the song Danny Boy, but the actual recording is from 2017, you will still look on the menu/page on this site titled 2019. (Except for my profile image, 2019 is the first year I posted on Instagram in any case.)


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My privacy policy for my author page is the same as my policy for this page. You can find it here.